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Digital Hearths offer a fireplace and a home theater for year around entertainment.


Digital Hearths replicate the architectural detail of traditional fireplaces with a revolutionary home theater experience tenants and homeowners want.


Digital Hearths are the focal point of townhomes, condos, apartments, senior living homes, residential homes, including vacation homes and hotels.

An unparalleled competitive advantage for multi-family developers, home builders and interior designers to attract and retain tenants and home owners.

Digital Hearths are safe. No health issues, no fire hazards, no fire code restrictions, no annual inspections, no gas lines, no chimney, no vents, no soot, no ashes — and no maintenance!


Digital Hearths with a home theater experience everyone wants. The choice of real wood fires are virtually unlimited.


Digital Hearths are all about freedom. A fireplace that is accessible to everyone. do not give off direct heat from the fire, making it safe for people and animals.


Digital Hearths can be placed anywhere: Digital Hearths without flues and gas connections, there are endless options for placing and installing . The only thing you need to start enjoying Digital Hearths are an electrical outlet.

In a more sustainable world, the goal is to achieve zero emissions. Digital Hearths are sustainable and environmentally friendly. It’s all electric, with a ultra–high definition fire and natural wood burning sounds while producing zero emissions.